I have a new way for you to request avatars!

Just visit my Poppy Board and you can post messages concerning what avatar you want, questions about avatars, or what new sections you would like to see on my site. However, you can still e-mail or pm me if you have a request.

If there is a specific picture that you want, send it or it's URL to me (Hinageshi@jusenkyo.com); if there is a specific character that you want, be sure to describe her! If you do not specify either of these, I will make the avatars based on how many pictures of the characters I can find.



If you have come to pick up a request, click on the link below. If you want to keep the avatar you pick from being added to the main page, be sure to tell me which number you pick, so that I can put the rest of the batch on my page for others to choose from. If you do not reply within 2 weeks, I will put them all on my main page for everyone. Also, PLEASE don't take avatars from the Pick-up page that you did not request.